Planexta’s mission is to develop, manufacture, market, and support revolutionary healthcare products and solutions for consumers and medical professionals.


CEO: Eugeny Nayshtetik, MIB, MM, MSOC.

Eugeny spent 13 years on managerial positions in life science powerhouse companies including Novartis, Genzyme, Merck, Pfizer. Eugeny has a great number of achievements in the medical sphere including:

  • The fastest growing regional program in Ukraine with an inclusion into municipal budget for Genzyme
  • The fastest market access with the inclusion into national HIV program for Merck

Extensive experience in health technology assessment and objectivisation of pharmacoeconomics data on implementation of medical technologies.

International Business and Marketing Management graduate.

PhD candidate in Social Technologies.

R&D Lead: Tetiana Botsva

A unique experience with medical information technologies and medical software development. Deep knowledge in the standardisation of medical technologies and business analysis. 9 years of hardware & software development experience in the life sciences field.

Successful projects for John Hopkins University Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital and a number of clinics in Alaska (USA).

SoftComputer Consultants (USA) in the background.

Physics, electronics, and computer Systems graduate, Ph.D. candidate, MPhys.

CCO: Irene Brinker

Revenue Hacker with 20+ Years of Leadership,
Team Building, Monetization,
Sales and Strategic Consulting


CULVER CITY, Inglewood 9415 United States
Mobile: +1 (323) 250-0679
Email: info@planexta.com