How it works?


Planexta is quickly growing biotech company responsible for the development of several novel technologies.
Our innovations include:

  • The world’s first one wrist ECG-measuring bracelet: This product line represents the most accurate ECG measuring technology ever made available to consumers. Its precise measurements can identify cardiovascular risks before they lead to disease. If left unmanaged, cardiovascular diseases kill 15 million people per year. Leading causes of death that this technology can help prevent include: infarction, ischaemia, stroke, fibrillation, hypertonic crisis. The technology also has consumer applications such as monitoring stress levels and emotions at an accuracy never before seen.
  • The PRECISE: a cloud-hosted digital service that can make any cardiographer or doctor become 7 times more effective by providing 4th-generation nosological & pre-nosological diagnostics with 580 parameters. The PRECISE’s data was painstaking compiled from cardiovascular tests on 22,000 patients making it one of the most accurate and up-to date resources on the market.
  • Industry’s Best Instrumental Online Diagnostics: the most comprehensive content on the market.


Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death worldwide. What if there was a way to treat these diseases before they ever occur?

The problem with heart disease is that people only become aware they have it when it’s too late. According to World Health Organisation, early mitigation of CV risks could save 15 million lives every year. Achieving such a dream would requiremonitoring of the heart that is not only frequent but extremely accurate.

Doing The Impossible

HRV (heart rate variability) analysis is an established method for probing many aspects of heart health. However, in order to provide reliable data, it HRV analysis must be extremely precise. With HRV, it’s the third digit after decimal mark that matters. But that’s not all. In order for HRV analysis to be able to yield any actionable data, the measurements must be done very frequently. The problem is that taking measurements for few minutes like during ECG procedure, or even for several days,  such as in a Holter monitoring, is just not frequent enough.

A New Way to Monitor your Life?

The hardest part of our monumental task became clear: to achieve an precise HRV analysis accuracy using a device that a consumer could ideally wear everyday.
This device would have to  measure sensitive electric impulses during all the varied conditions of life: through wet or dry skin, while the user is moving or even running, through static-electricity causing rubbing, electromagnetic interference, etc.
To make matters even more intimidating, tonnes of generously funded companies had failed at creating such a device.

World’s First One Wrist ECG Band

After going through 10 prototypes we, at Planexta, have finally created the world’s first one hand ECG wristband. It provides the same accuracy as hospital grade electrocardiography, and has the power to help achieve a peak physical and mental state bymaking you aware of your body and mind to an accuracy younever thought possible. Technological sophistication once reserved for clinicians, astronauts, billionairesand pro-athletes can now fit into thepalm of your hand.

Our First Pre-order

We received a pre-order for 50,000 wristbands from one of the largest
CIS dealers on the market.

World Class Design

Planexta partnered with Stuck Design, one of the world’s top product design studios, to create an award-winning design for a Planexta’s flagship product, the SenceBand Active.

At Planexta we believe that making state⁃of⁃the⁃art medical technologies accessible to  consumers and easy to use will make this dream a reality. With such technologies consumers and doctors can finally be made aware of cardiovascular disease before it ever becomes severe.

Record-Setting Screening

Chasing this aspiration lead us to running one of the largest medical screenings in history. In order to perform it, the Platform 20k research laboratory was created. The goal of the Platform 20K laboratory is to obtain the data necessary to develop methods to detect and prevent heart diseases in its earliest stages. Ultimately we strive to raise the global consumer awareness of their own health and to save lives.

Platform 20k started by conducting cardio-diagnostic screenings of 22,433 patients in 565 remote localities when medical care is least available.
Every patient was screened for data collection and provided with the appropriate medical assistance.

From Diagnostics To Prevention

During this landmark screening, an intimate link between stress index and self-regulation was discovered, which lead to the identification of several factors that contribute to increased stress. As it turns out, the way we live is directly correlated with our stress index: stresses tend to compound on each other until eventually one deals the killing blow. So, how do we break this vicious cycle?
What if there was a device that could track the way you live with such accuracy that you could learn how to avoid what stresses you out most? Such a device would give you deep insight into your health, both physically and emotionally and maybe even save your life. With such implications, we decided to invent just such a technology!

World’s Most Sophisticated Cardio Health Database Planexta’s PRECISE is a data analysis engine from the future.
Instrumental Telemedicine Solution

Our revolutionary sensor technologies presented an opportunity to enter the instrumental telemedicine market. So, Planexta has partnered with a company that provides the best live video broadcasting technology on the market, to use it for live medical consulting.

How Can I Get this Technology?

SenceBand Active: Master your physical and emotional health with cutting edge technology. Find your Balance!
SenceBand Sport: Use technology once reserved for professional athletes at your local gym. Train like a pro!
SenceBand CloseCare: Medical-grade diagnostic instrument for everyday use. Live Long and Prosper!
SenceBand CloseCare Pro: 3-channel ECG + blood pressure monitor connected to PRECISE.
SenceBand HomeCare: 6-channel wireless cardiograph for dynamic monitoring at home. 15% more accurate than anything on the market.


In just 6 months Planexta has grown from 2 to 86 people. Now Planexta is gaining global traction with strategic partners worldwide. Let us know if you want to be a part of our journey!




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